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How do I change the position of an App in my AppsMap?
How do I change the position of an App in my AppsMap?

Learn how you can configure the positions of Apps in your AppsMap.

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Note: Click here if you'd like to understand how our AppsMap feature works and how to set this up from scratch

Changing The Position of an App in the AppsMap

Every category within an AppsMap can have up to two Apps.. can define the position that you would like your apps to take in these categories.

(Note: you can change the position of the overall category by tweaking your AppsMap characteristics)

Changing The Position of An App

Step 1. Go to Configure > Line Items 

Apps you will include in your map are assigned to individual line items, so that when that line item is selected in a proposal it is included within the AppsMap.

Step 2. Edit the line item 

Edit the line item associated with the app you want to configure

Step 3. Disable your line item pricing

Navigate to the 'AppsMap Icon' tab..

..and specify the 'preferred position' of this app by clicking the relevant circle.

You can choose between the centre circle, inner circle or outer circle. This is how your choices would transform in your map.

Step 4. Save 

Save your line item once you're finished. Just be sure to make the changes you now need to any other apps you have in this category. 

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