What Is The What Happens Next Section?

This section appears in your clients proposal when enabled and is a great way to clearly outline the next steps your client needs to take.

There is an approval button at the end of this section which instantly triggers the next steps in your engagement process.

How Do I Edit It?

Every proposal template in GoProposal can have it's own what happens next section, so that you can diversify your process according to the type of work you're doing.

For example, the next steps for an existing client or extra work order may be different to a new client.

Step 1. Go to Configure > Proposal Templates and E-mails

Step 2. Select edit next to the relevant proposal template

Step 3. Select the Acceptance Tab

This is where you can control how your client should approve their documents and the what happens next content.

Step 4. Edit your what happens next section

You can tweak the what happens next section from this tab.

NOTE: The acceptance button will be added automatically to the end of this section, however will be switched off where you do not require acceptance.

Step 5. Save!

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