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How do I change the way I present fees in my proposal? E.g. Total only or breakdown
How do I change the way I present fees in my proposal? E.g. Total only or breakdown

You have several options when it comes to how you display the fees in your clients proposal. Discover them here.

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How Are Fees Presented In The Proposal?Β 

By default fees are presented as an individual breakdown in your clients proposal.

We have found that clients respond well to this breakdown as they know exactly what they are getting and it helps communicate the full value of what we are delivering.

In certain situations or with certain clients you may prefer to show a total fee as opposed to a breakdown.

This is how you can control the way you display fees in your proposals.

Setting The Default

From your pricing settings, you can choose a default fee display setting which affects all proposals. You can still override whatever you choose here when creating a proposal if need be (see Creating A Proposal below).


1. Go to Configure > Pricing Tool Set-Up

2. Specify totals only or a full breakdown

Scroll down a little to select your default fee display preference in your proposals.

3. Save your settings

Overriding When Creating A Proposal

You can override these settings when creating a proposal in the Calculation interface by changing the Fees in the proposal from 'show full breakdown' to 'show totals only' to do this.

Showing Fees At A Section Level

In some instances, you might want to show a breakdown of fees for certain sections in your proposal and totals for other sections. For example if you want to show a total fee for all advisory services but a breakdown for the bookkeeping.

To do this, you need to enable the sub totals per section feature. Learn more about this here.

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