How Are Fees Presented In The Proposal? 

Fees are presented as an individual breakdown in your clients proposal by default. 

You may prefer to show a total fee only or override these settings when you create a proposal. Here's how you can do this.

Changing Your Fee Display

You can specify your default fee display preferences from your pricing settings, however you can still override these when creating a proposal.

From Your Pricing Settings

Step 1. Go to Configure > Pricing Tool Set-Up

Step 2. Specify totals only or a full breakdown

Scroll down on this page to the display breakdown of fees in the proposal 

Use the drop down here to override your settings.

Step 3. Save your settings

When Creating A Proposal

You can override these settings when creating a proposal on the calculation interface. Just change the billing cycle to do this. 

Showing Fees At A Section Level

In some instances, you might choose to show a breakdown of fees for certain sections in your proposal and totals for other sections.

Learn more about the sub-totals per section feature if you're looking to do this.

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