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Where can I change my logo?
Where can I change my logo?

Your logo is used throughout your proposal and letter of engagement documents and throughout your app. Learn how you can change this.

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Where Will My Logo Appear?

The logo images you add into GoProposal will appear on the front cover of your documents, as headers in these documents and in the create proposal tool.

Where Can I Change This?

Step 1. Go to Settings > Company > Branding

In the admin area of your app, find the company settings page and ensure you have the branding tab selected on the left hand side.

Step 2. Changing your logos

Company logo

You can change your logo on this page beneath the company logo field by choosing an image from your desktop.

This will appear on the front of your documents, as headers in your documents and within the create proposal tool.


If you'd like to use a different image as the header for your documents, then use the 'use a different logo for the Proposal header' checkbox and upload from your desktop.

Create proposal screen
You can do the same for the create proposal tool, if you'd prefer to use a different image here.

Examples of Headers and Create Proposal Images

The header image appears on the top right of each page in your document

The create proposal image will appear on the create proposal screen

Previewing Your Changes

You can preview your changes as per the steps in this article.

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