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What is a Proposal Type? Can I change the name?
What is a Proposal Type? Can I change the name?

Learn how proposal types work in GoProposal.

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What is a Proposal Type?

Proposal types refer to the type of work associated with a particular proposal. In the system there are three options: a Proposal, Renewal or Extra work order.

Every proposal template in GoProposal can be assigned a proposal type, which will then appear on the front cover of proposals using that template.

Proposal types are also shown colour coded on your Proposal dashboard, so that you can understand the proposal type for a client at a glance.

Black text = This is a standard Proposal
Green text = This is a renewal
Blue text = This is an Extra Work Order.

Proposal types can also be reviewed separately for revenue purposes on your Dashboard tab.

Where do I assign Proposal Types?

You can assign proposal types to individual proposal templates by editing the proposal settings.

Can I change the names of the Proposal Types?

Currently we only have the three options which should cover all of the work you do at a basic level.

You can add complexity and more bespoke detail by adding project names and customising the proposal introductions you send to your clients.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us in the chat box below! 😃

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