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Edit your pricing and create new services
Edit your pricing and create new services

Learn how you can add new services into GoProposal and edit fees for existing services.

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Your system will come pre-loaded with services that we deliver in our own firm, and based on our research with other accountancy firms and leading businesses.

Our pricing wizard will also help you with a starting point when setting up your fees, however you may still want to adjust certain fees and add services not already included in the system.

Here's how you can do that.

Tweaking Your Fees

Follow this guide so you can understand where and how to tweak your fees.

Step 1. Finding Your Line Items Page

All of the services on your Create Proposal page can be found and configured in your admin area by going to Configure > Line Items.

On this page you can add new line items (services you offer that aren't already in GoProposal) or tweak existing service fees.

Step 2. Adding a New Service

You can add a new service by scrolling to the bottom of the relevant section on your line items page and selecting add new line item.

Once you have added a new service, you will want to configure the line item content so it has the fees and descriptive content you need.

Step 3. Tweaking Your Fees

You can tweak the fees for any service by selecting 'edit line' next to the service you want to edit.

A pop up box will appear allowing you to configure several aspects of your service, but we will focus on pricing.

Click the Pricing tab within the pop up box to configure this.

Pricing Type

Decide whether you would like to charge this service monthly or one-off.

Pricing Dropdown

The pricing dropdown allows you to choose from our available pricing methods to decide on your pricing strategy for this service.

For example with Annual Accounts, we would recommend using the Annual Revenue Range pricing method as a foundation for charging this service.

It might be that you want to keep this method but tweak the values given by the pricing wizard. In this case you would just want to overwrite the values for each range.

🤝 You can find more information on how to use different pricing types, such as fixed prices, variation and number range prices here.


Obviously more than one factor could be at play when pricing a particular service, so adding calculations to your basic line price will allow you to vary the fee dependent on other factors.

For example in the case of Annual Accounts, you can multiply the basic fee (based upon Annual Revenue) by variants that depend on the quality of your clients records.

For more information on calculations and how they work, click here.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us in the chat box below! 😃

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