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Add or remove a calculation to price up your services
Add or remove a calculation to price up your services

Present complex pricing simply and create thousands of permutations for each line item by adding calculations

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GoProposal started life on an Excel spreadsheet, but it didn't provide a great client experience when agreeing on fees.

However, the calculations that were used in that spreadsheet were so valuable in achieving the correct price for each service.

When GoProposal was created, we wanted to preserve that complexity of cost calculation, but we wanted them presented to clients and team members in a simple way.

Here is how you can apply up to 5 levels of calculations to each line item:

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How to Add Calculations

Step 1. Go to Configure > Line Items

Login to the admin area of your app and navigate to your line items page.

Step 2. Edit line

Select edit line next to the service you want to add a calculation to..

Step 3. Add calculations

A pop-up box will appear that enables you to configure your line item. To learn what everything here means, see this article.

Once you have chosen your basic pricing type, you can layer this up with calculations.

This will multiple/add/divide/subtract a value you choose to the basic pricing type. 

For more information on calculations and how they work, click here.

Deleting and Reordering Calculations

To reorder a calculation, use the arrows beside each one to move it up or down.

You can also delete calculations you no longer want to keep using the trash icon.

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