We've designed GoProposal so that you can use it face to face with your clients as you take them through their proposal meeting.

It works beautifully on an ipad or desktop for your face to face meetings but can just as well be used remotely via screen-sharing with applications like Zoom.

So that your system looks great in front of your clients, you can add your own logo and banner image to your create proposal screen.

Changing Your Banner Image

To add your own banner image, you'll want to go to follow the steps below.

Step 1. Go to Settings > Company > Branding

Step 2. Change your banner image

You can upload a banner image from your desktop below the create proposal banner image heading on this page.

Step 3. Save!

You can preview your changes by creating a proposal.

You can also edit your brand colour and logos from this page.


To make your proposals look amazing you might want to consider adding full page graphics and testimonials.

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