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How will my prospects/clients sign their engagement letter?
How will my prospects/clients sign their engagement letter?

Learn the process your clients will follow when they sign their engagement letter.

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After creating a proposal and hitting send the proposal and engagement letter will arrive instantly in your clients inbox.

There will be a button in the e-mail and documents they receive enabling them to sign or approve electronically.

Note: If you are using anything other than the default new client proposal template, just double check the proposal template you are using has the approval options configured to take signature and approval or approval only.

How Will They Sign?

At the point of acceptance, prospects or clients will be sent to the acceptance panel where they can preview their documents, approve them and specify how they would like to be contacted by you.

Prospects/clients can sign by drawing their signature, choosing a style, or uploading it.

Take Multiple Signatures for an Organisation

With certain organisations you may require multiple people to authorise engagement letters.

GoProposals multiple signature feature allows you to get all of the authorisation you need.

Click here to learn how to set this up.

How Do I Track If Clients/Prospects Have Signed?

When a client signs your documents, the staff member who produced the proposal will receive a confirmation email (learn how to tweak what this says here).

You can also see how far along you are with attaining the signatures you need from your proposal dashboard.

Just click on the signatures button beneath the proposal status..

..a pop up box will appear to show you who you are waiting on.

Where Will The Final Documents Appear?

Once a singular person or multiple parties have signed, their signatures will appear beneath the confirmation of the engagement letter.

You will be able to download the official copy this your proposal dashboard, but the staff member and primary contact will also be e-mailed a copy.

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