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Add a partner or directors signature to your Engagement Letters
Add a partner or directors signature to your Engagement Letters

Learn how you can include a directors signature within the confirmation section of your engagement letters.

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You can upload a director or partners signature to GoProposal so that it is always included in the letter of engagement sent to your clients.

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Step 1. Uploading your Principals signature

You can include a directors, partners or members signature by uploading them against Key People you have set up in GoProposal.

Head to Configure > Engagement Letters and choose Key People..

..edit the Key Person with the signature you would like to upload.

You can upload this signature by choosing an image from your desktop.

Once uploaded it will add automatically into the space below the signature and you can save the details of this principal down.

To understand other ways Key People can be used, click here.

Step 2. Enable this Signature for your letters

The next step is to instruct the system to pull through your directors signature at the end of your Engagement Letters.

Switch over to the Engagement Letter Suite..

..and scroll down to your Agreement Statements and open this tab up.

Just beneath the Confirmation (Signature Version) you can opt to include a principals signature to this part of your Engagement Letters.

Save your settings and your good to go!

How Does it Work?

If you have multiple principals or partners of your firm, the signature and details of this person will pull through into the engagement letter dependent on who is chosen when completing proposal details.

These details will pull through at the end of the Agreement Statement.

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