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Understand how to add all directors/partners/auditors of your firm into GoProposal so that they can appear in your engagement letters.

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If your organisation has multiple directors, partners or members then you may have different principals in charge who take ultimate responsibility for the undertaking of a client.

In GoProposal we call these Key People. Adding and assigning Key People to your GoProposal app will enable you to assign a principal in charge for every assignment.

You may also want to automatically include a list of these people on your Engagement Letter to ensure they become legally binding documents that meet your regulatory requirements.

Explainer Video - Manage Key People

How To Add/Edit Key People

Head to Configure > Engagement Letters > Key People..

.. select add new principal to add a new key person or edit to amend existing details of somebody within your organisation.

Input the name and select the role of this Key Person. You can also upload their signature and assign their Qualification..

Save this principal when done and repeat this step for all directors, principals and Auditors of the organisation.

What Next?

When you create a proposal and complete the details, you are asked to choose the principal in charge of the assignment.

The name of this key person will appear in the letter of engagement.

You can also opt to include a list of principals (directors, members or partners) in your Engagement Letters within your Letterhead Components.

The Key People you add in GoProposal will drive the names of the people that appear in this list.

Click here to understand how you can set this up.

For OverSuite Users Only

If you are subscribed to our OverSuite and using Smart Engagement Letters, you will also be asked to choose the auditor of the assignment when completing audit work.

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