With GoProposal and OverSuite™, you can request multiple signatures from several parties and specify exactly what you need these parties to authorise across the Privacy Notice and main Letter of Engagement.

OverSuite™ provides you with the tools you need to safeguard your firm, but understanding how to drive it and best practice processes is equally important.

Below is a video from our resident compliance expert, Valerie Steward, explaining who needs to sign which parts of the document and when.

When should I request authorisation of the Engagement Letter and/or Privacy Notice?

When issuing the first Letter of Engagement, it is best practice to request a signature from all directors on both the Privacy Notice and Letter of Engagement, as this ensures all involved parties have authorised the nominated individual to be the main point of contact for instruction.

The importance of the nominated individual is explained by Val here.

For any subsequent assignments, only the nominated individual is required to authorise the Letter of Engagement provided the nominated individual, privacy notice and directors are the same.

If there are any changes to the directors or the privacy notice, you would need to follow the same process.

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