Where can I include my Privacy Notice?

In GoProposal, you can have your Privacy Notice signed as part of the overall engagement letter. Here's how.

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Most organisations require clients they are on-boarding to authorise the Privacy Notice.

You can have this signed separately through your own processes, or opt to include it as part of your Engagement letter and have this signed through GoProposal.

If you opt to go with GoProposal, both your privacy notice (as shown above) and the overall engagement letter will show a signature.

Step 1. Adding your Privacy Notice to GoProposal

Head to Configure > Engagement Letters > Engagement Letter Suite..

..on this page you will see a tab to open up your Scope Library, Terms and Conditions, Privacy Notice, Schedule of Services and Agreement Statements.

Use the arrow to open up the Privacy Notice tab..

..Make sure your Privacy Notice is switched on and then copy and paste this into the field indicated.

If you are subscribed to the OverSuite, then the Privacy Notice will have been generated for you automatically and adapted to your firm.

In this case, opt to use the privacy notice from OverSuite and this should show automatically.

To edit content generated via OverSuite, see this article.

Save your settings when you have this how you need.

What's Next?

Create a proposal and choose your Engagement Letter.

Scroll down through the Complete Proposal stage to preview your documents. The Privacy Notice should appear at the end of of your Engagement Letter.

When your client is asked to sign this engagement letter, they will be signing both the agreement statement and the privacy notice (both within the document).

If you are requesting multiple signatures for your document, you can request that any additional signatories also authorise the Privacy Notice at the create proposal stage.

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