We know that in certain scenarios you may act as a bookkeeper but outsource Accounting and Tax work on your clients behalf.

OverSuite users can handle these situations compliantly and effortlessly.

This is what you need to do to add these Letters of Engagement into your OverSuite library so that you can produce them automatically whenever they are needed.

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Setting Up Your Content

Setting up the content correctly involves making sure you have added both the template and service schedule required for this work. This is how.

Step 1. Adding the correct letter of engagement template to your library

You'll want to make sure you have added the Bookkeeping and Outsourced Accounts/Tax Return (Any Entity) to the Scope Library of your Engagement Letter Suite.

You can reach this page from Configure > Engagement Letters in your admin area.

If you don't see it on this page, then you can add it in by switching the tabs on the left hand side over to Configure OverSuite and selecting Review Available Scopes.

A pop up will appear showing you which letter templates you haven't added to your library yet.

Select the Bookkeeping and Outsourced Accounts/Tax Return (Any Entity) and then click add letters.

✔️ You should now see this template within the Scope Library of your Engagement Letter Suite indicating the content has successfully been added.

Step 2. Adding the correct Service Schedule

It's important that you include the service schedule called Bookkeepers only; Outsourced Accounting and Tax Services in your Letters of Engagement any time you are using the Bookkeeping and Outsourced Accounts template.

From Configure > Line Items, add a new line item called 'Outsourced Accounting and Tax Work' and assign the OverSuite service schedule Bookkeepers Only; Outsourced Accounting and Tax Services to this line.

Once you've done this, you're all set.

Producing Your Engagement Letter

Create a proposal and choose the template you added in Step 1 from the create proposal page beneath Letter of Engagement to Use.

You'll also be asked for the name of the outsourcer as this needs to be included in the resulting letter.

Select the Outsourced Line Item you created in Step 2 to ensure you also pull the associated Service Schedule through to the resulting letter.

Complete the rest of your proposal as normal.

You can preview your Letter of Engagement once you have been through this process.

✔️ The introduction and scope of the work will be centred around providing bookkeeping and outsourced work and will pull through from the template you added earlier.

✔️ You should also check that the Outsourced Accounting and Tax Work schedule has pulled through to your Schedule of Services.

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