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A guide to using ID checks
A guide to using ID checks

Step by step guide to getting started with AML for GoProposal and running an ID check.

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AML for GoProposal streamlines client onboarding and ongoing engagements by giving you the platform to manage client money laundering risk in a single place. From the moment a proposal is accepted, our AML system ensures a seamless journey from proposal to client risk assessed and verified. Whether it be a new or existing client, you will have the tools you need to effectively manage, document and review money laundering risk.

Want to Learn More?

๐Ÿ‘‰ Click this link to learn more about the set of features available within AML for GoProposal and exactly how it works, including a link to a demo.

Getting Started with AML for GoProposal

Step by Step Guide to Running ID Checks

Once your setup is complete, follow these steps to run ID checks:

Identify Clients with "Action Required":

Clients with an 'Action Required' label need an ID check. Proposals that are accepted will automatically flag as Action required against the organisation (where applicable) and related individuals in the Contact Hub.


Manually Set ID Checks as "Action Required" for Existing Contacts:

You can manually set the ID check status as "Action Required" for pre-existing clients in your Contact Hub. Select the relevant clients and set their ID status as 'To do'

Add New Contacts to run an ID check on anyone, at any time:

Manually add contacts for new individuals and initiate ID checks or Risk Assessments when needed.

Link them to the appropriate organisation in the Client Record..

..and assign their status as "To do" in the Client Record by selecting the "No Status" button.

Running an ID Check

To run an ID check for a specific client, you can access the AML information in two ways.

Click on the status button under the ID check or Risk Assessment headings in the Contact Hub..

..Or click View to access their profile, then click on the AML tab located on the top right.

Click on "New Check"..

and choose from the available check types based on your risk processes and desired level of verification.

Basic checks can be done in the system, whereas Document and Biometric checks can be sent to your client for automatic collection, verification and storage of your clients ID to remove any administrative burden on you.

For basic checks, you'll get results within a few minutes. For document or biometric checks, wait for your clients completion.
For a Biometric Check your client will receive a text message with a link to download the Thirdfort app to complete their details.
For a Document Check your client will receive a text message with a link to the Thirdfort portal to complete their details.
You client will be careful guided through each step to complete their details.

Track the progress of any ID check on your Contact Hub which will be displayed as "In Progress" when it's awaiting completion. Once the results are available, the check will be flagged as "Review Results" and you should receive an e-mail notification.

Once the results are available, review the detailed report. A check can be "Auto Approved" or flagged as "Consider."

Regardless of the outcome, review the report thoroughly before approving or declining the check. Add any necessary commentary for auditing purposes when approving or declining the check.

And that's the ID check process in a nutshell.


Needing Support?

If you need any support, feel free to reach out to the GoProposal team via the chat box below.

For Thirdfort app support or check-related queries, contact Thirdfort using the provided channels. We hope you enjoy using AML for GoProposal and that it enhances your experience while ensuring your verification compliance!

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