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Apply Service Schedules to Sections

Discover how you can add apply service schedules to sections or groups of line items, as opposed to individual line items.

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Note: If you are new to GoProposal, we would advise you to first get a general understanding of how the letter of engagement is set-up in Go Proposal here.

What Are Service Schedules?

Service schedules are paragraphs of legal text that are specific to a service you deliver, such as payroll or annual financial statements.

Every engagement letter in GoProposal has a dynamic Schedule of Services section, which pulls key service terms through to the document where required.

For example, your annual accounts service schedule will only pull through where that service is included in your clients proposal.

Most of the time, these service schedules are included within your line items so that when that service is selected, it is dynamically pulled into your letters.

More on setting these up here.

Why Apply Service Schedules to Sections?

If you have sections in GoProposal where the same service schedule would apply to multiple services in that section, then you want to add these schedules in at a section level to avoid duplication in your letters.

A good example of this is bookkeeping or personal tax returns, where the same legal content applies to multiple services.

Step 1. Adding Service Schedules to Sections

Login to your admin area and head to configure > line items..

.. Find the section you would like to apply your Service Schedule to and switch on the 'Add Section Service Schedule' function.

Copy and paste your Service Schedule into the field provided.

If you are subscribed to our OverSuite, you can choose a Smart Service Schedule to assign to this section.

Step 2. Configuring your Line Items

Once you've assigned your service schedule to the section, you need to define what you want to do with any additional, individual line item schedules in that section.

You need to edit each line item within that section..

and scroll down to the use section service schedule field.

Here you can specify whether or not you would like any additional service schedules to be pulled through if that service is selected..

.. You can use the section service schedule in addition to any schedules with that line item, instead of, or choose not to use the section schedule where that line item has been selected.

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