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Where can I edit my annual revenue ranges?
Where can I edit my annual revenue ranges?

Discover where you can add in and tweak your annual revenue ranges to what you need them to be.

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What Are Annual Revenue Ranges Used For?

The annual revenue range method is one pricing strategy in GoProposal.

It is a particularly powerful when the amount of work required to fulfil a service is impacted by how much revenue the client is generating.

Learn more about this system and how it works here.

Where Can I Edit My Annual Revenue Ranges?

You can tweak these from your pricing settings.

Step 1. Go to Configure > Pricing Tool Setup

Step 2. Edit your annual revenue ranges

You can tweak your annual revenue ranges by overwriting the ranges in each box..

Step 3. Save your settings.

What Next?

You can price up any service you need using the annual revenue range method. You will also be asked to choose the annual revenue range of the client when you create a proposal, to inform the price of any services which use this method.

Your clients annual turnovers will appear in the please note section of their proposal.

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