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Setting Up Your Letter of Engagement (None OverSuite Users)
Understand how to format your Engagement Letters professionally
Understand how to format your Engagement Letters professionally

Learn how you can use merge fields, links and bullets or numbering to format your letter of engagement.

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Note: If you'd like information on how to get your letter of engagement setup in GoProposal, then follow the steps in this article.

Formatting Your Letter of Engagement

When setting up your letter of engagement templates you will want to copy and paste text from your current engagement letter into the fields provided.

We have provided you with placeholder text which provides you with one way you might like to structure your content.

It is best practice to copy and paste any text you need into a plain text editor, such as notepad, before copying this into GoProposal.

As you build out your letter of engagement, you can use the formatting options available to you in the bars above each content box.

Here's what you can do..

Automatic Numbering

Our automatic numbering and indentation feature enables you to automatically number points within your engagement letter, and create sub-lists within them.

Learn more about this here.

Other Formatting

Create headings and subheadings to separate key sections of text. This is a nice way to format your scope and terms and conditions in line with core parts.

  • Format key parts of your text using bold, italics or underlining.

  • Create lists within your letter using numbering or bullet points. To do this, highlight the relevant text and apply the bullet or numbering button:

  • Create links within your engagement letter to your website, important documents, your privacy notice, anything....

  • Use merge fields to automate important references your letter.

Use the dropdown indicated above to bring up a list of our available merge fields and add them to your letter.

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