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How To Set Up Your Contact Hub
How To Set Up Your Contact Hub

How to set up your contact hub, and use this with your clients

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How to find and manage your clients, prospects and organisations within the Contact Hub.

The first thing you'll want to do is import or manually add your clients into the Contact Hub. When you first select the Contacts tab, you will be prompted to import your current client data, or import this manually.

How do I import from an integration?

You can import your clients from the integration you are using within GoProposal. For example, Karbon.

To import these clients, select 'Import from' and click the integration.

FYI: If you are not connected to an integration, this will not appear on the dropdown.

If you add new clients/prospects to your integrations, this won't auto pull through. You will need to re import your contact list to ensure this is up to date within the Contact Hub.

To manually add in a client, prospect or organisation, select the 'Contacts' tab from your dashboard.

Any clients already linked to your integrations won't be affected if you re import to update your Contact Hub.

From here, you will be able to view any client, prospect or organisation added.
Select 'Create' to add a new individual or organisation.

How the contact dashboard works

How can I use the contact hub?

Within the contact hub, you can search for particular clients, prospects or missed opportunities by selecting from the 'Category' dropdown.

By selecting the 'Renewal Due', you can search for client renewal dates during this month, or the next 3. This will be based off the date the initial proposal was raised.

The renewals are driven by the financial year end added to the proposal during the Create Proposal process. This can be changed within the clients contact details.

By selecting the icons from the left hand side, you can differentiate between viewing an organisation or individual|(s).

From the right hand side of the contact hub dashboard, you can select to turn on notifications for a weekly report.

Within the preferences, select the toggle to turn this on. Once turned on, you can view what information will be passed through the weekly report.

You can further configure this by selecting the day of the week you would like this report sent, and who it should be sent to.

The email address added by default will be taken from the company section. Additional email addresses can be added.
If you have any questions, contact us in the chat box below.

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