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How To Use The Contact Hub

How to use your Contact Hub

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Once you have followed the steps to set up your contact hub, it's now time to use it with your clients.

How do I edit / duplicate / view proposals in the contact hub?

Within your GoProposal app, select the 'Contacts' tab and this will take you to your contact hub.

If no client information is showing in here, you will need to manually add them in, or import your client data.

Once you're within the contact hub, select 'View' beside the individual/organisation you would like to view in further detail.

What can I view within the individual/organisation?

After selecting view, you will be able to view the following;

  • Proposals

  • Contact Details

  • Client Value

  • Notes

  • Related Individuals

  • Integrations

  • Danger zone

What can I do within the proposals section?

Within the proposals area, you can edit, duplicate or view the proposal. If you select to edit/duplicate this will take you to the Create Proposal page to make your changes. If you save this as a draft/live proposal, the new version will appear within the proposals section.

If you select to view the proposal, this will take you to the 'view proposal details' area on the Proposal Dashboard.

Contact Details

You can view the contact details initially entered when creating the individual/organisation.

If you need to update the details within this area, select 'edit'

You can differentiate between the category of individual by selecting Client or Missed Opportunity.

A missed opportunity is any client / prospect you have marked as lost on the Proposal Dashboard.

A specific renewal date can also be selected if this doesn't fall within their financial year end.

Once you have edited this area, remember to save!

What is the client value area?

The client value area shows the value of your client, and how this has changed overtime. You Can either view last year, last 2 years or last 3 years. The client value area will show you the monthly value.

By hovering over the points on the graph, you can see the Proposal and date it is referring to.

The client value graph helps to prepare you to set goals for the new renewal. You can refer back to this graph to ensure you and your client are setting the correct goals to work towards.

You can also use this graph to view the value overtime.

Notes Section

You may need to add in particular notes for a client to refer to easily when viewing their proposals.

By selecting 'edit' beside this section, you can '+add' in a note.

By selecting '+add' this will bring up the todays date. Select save to ensure this pulls through.

Related Individuals

You may need to add in a client who was not added into the proposal to the individuals section.

By selecting 'edit' beside this section, you can add in the individuals name and position. This can either be removed if incorrect, or saved.


Within the integrations section, you can link your clients details to the contact hub. This will automatically link the clients details to the Create Proposal page when a proposal is raised.

To link your clients details, select 'edit' and then enter the client's name within the search bar.

Once you have added in their name and hit 'enter', the status below will change to linked.

Select save, and this will hold your clients details.

Danger Zone

If you need to remove a client, you can head to the danger zone and select 'delete this contact'.

Within this area, you will be given the option to say I've changed my mind or confirm.

FYI: If you select confirm and delete this client, we will not be able to retrieve their details.

How do I use this on the Create Proposal page?

Within this page, search for an existing contact within your Contact Hub. If you have a contact you haven't already imported into GoProposal, you can search for them within this section and they will pull though,

When searching for a client/prospect, you can either search for someone already within the Contact Hub, or select 'Search more from....'

What happens if I have already linked a client?

If you have already linked your client within the Contact Hub to an integration, this will appear as linked on the Create Proposal page.

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