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An Overview of Your Line Items (Services)
An Overview of Your Line Items (Services)

Find your way around the Line Items page and how to configure your Line Items.

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The Line Items section is at the heart of your GoProposal app because it's where you configure the services you provide to your clients and control the price for those services.

On your Line Items page you can tweak fees, add new services, hide and remove services alongside duplicating or creating new services from scratch.

Editing your Line Items

When you select 'Edit Line' next to one of your services you will be able to control the description, service schedules, key dates and pricing.

All of your line items will already come preloaded with descriptions but you can tailor these if you would prefer.

You can also create your own Service Schedules, or if you are an OverSuite user you will need to assign an OverSuite Service Schedule to each line item from the drop down menu.

The key dates function can be enabled in order to assign start dates, deadlines for information and filing deadlines. This will then be pulled through onto the services and key dates table which will be included in the Letter of Engagement.


The pricing matrix will have already set the fees for your services dependent upon how you answered the pricing matrix questions when you first logged in to your GoProposal account, however, you can tweak the pricing for any of your services.

There are 4 different pricing variations you can utilise alongside two pricing types (Monthly and One-Off.)

You can also layer up the complexity of your services by using calculations.

Duplicating a Line Item

You may want to duplicate existing line items that already exist for a similar service but instead tweak the price, change the name or the description.

To do this, you need to select 'Duplicate Line'. This will pull through all the existing information for you to make any changes where necessary.


You do have the ability to rename your sections or change the section introductions you have configured already for you.

Alongside being able to move your line items across different sections. You can do this by clicking and holding the line item you would like to move, and then dragging it.

If you would like to create a new section you need to scroll to the bottom of the line items page and select 'Add New Section'. Here you can create your own content alongside building out new line items from scratch, or dragging existing line items into the new section.

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