Getting your pricing right is fundamental to making GoProposal work. The pricing in here already is taken from profitable firms. Take it, tweak it, and test it with 1 client. You can always adjust it after that.

STEP 1 - Review the Current Pricing [15 mins]

Before you change anything, produce your first proposal  to see if you are happy with what you have already. You'll see what you need to add, tweak or remove. Take a current client’s services and fees, run them through the system and see how it comes out.

STEP 2 - Dial the Numbers Up or Down [1 hr]

There may be some different ways of pricing for you to discover the benefits of. The next step is to dial the current pricing up or down slightly for your core services so that you feel comfortable with it. You’re not aiming for perfection right now, just better than what you currently have and in the right ball park. This is just version 1. Version 1.1, 1.2 etc will follow.

STEP 3 - Fill in the Gaps [30 mins]

It’s likely you are going to want to add in your own line items where there are services or software missing. Don’t worry about the more obscure services for now, you’re still just aiming to complete your core offering. Adding a new line item is really easy. Choose the pricing type that works best, add any calculations if need be. Don’t get to complicated or granular at this stage.

STEP 4 - Remove What You Don’t Need [15 mins] 

We give you quite a comprehensive set of services to start with, but you may not need them all. Just either delete out what you don’t need or drag them to the Temporary Section for safe keeping. If you do delete them, you can always reimport them again.

STEP 5 - Check the Descriptions [45 mins]

Once you have core services and software in the system, you will want to check through the descriptions in the line items and tweak them where necessary. A good way to do that is to produce a proposal with every service selected and read the descriptions in the proposal. Tweak the descriptions where necessary or copy and paste what you already have.

STEP 6 - Complete 3 Ballpark Tests [15 mins]

Once you’re happy with the set up, choose a broad range of 3 clients you currently have and run them through the system. There’s no set rule for this, as it all depends on where you are currently in your pricing. The bottom line is to run some tests, make your final tweaks. The only question to ask yourself at this point is.... "Is this better that what we currently have?" If so, you're ready to go.

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