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Where do I edit the proposal introduction?
Where do I edit the proposal introduction?

Learn where you can edit the proposal introduction in the proposal template settings.

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The introduction is one of the first elements of text that your client sees in the proposal document they receive.

How to edit the proposal introduction

Editing the proposal introduction is a simple task, once you have navigated to this screen you can also edit other elements of the proposal such as testimonials and full page graphics.

Step 1: Go to Configure >Templates & Emails

You can have as many proposal templates as you need in GoProposal and each can have their own PDF content within them, including introductory text.

This is so that you can diversify your content depending on the type of client you're working with, or type of work you're doing for them.

Step 2: Click Edit to change the proposal template of your choice

Step 3: Scroll down to the introduction paragraph so you can edit it. 

Merge tags are a useful way to automate specific details within the introduction, such as your clients details or your firms details. 

Previewing Your Changes

Click here to discover how you can preview the changes you have made. 

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