What Is The Staff E-mail? 

Every proposal you create is sent to the member of staff who produced the proposal, along with details of that proposal. 

This member of staff will also be notified in a second email when the associated letter of engagement has been approved.

Here's how you can edit what this e-mail says and specify any additional team members you would like to send this to.

How To Edit The Staff E-mail

Step 1. Go to configure > proposal templates & e-mails

Log in to the admin are of your app and go to your proposal templates. 

Step 2. Edit a proposal type

With every proposal template you can vary the email content that goes out, so that you can include relevant content for each type of work you do.

Step 3. Select the e-mails tab

You can also edit your proposal PDF content and the proposal settings here.

Step 4. Edit your staff e-mail

You can configure what the staff e-mail says here. Merge fields are a great way to inform your staff of important proposal details.

By default, these e-mails will go to the staff member who produced the proposal. You can use the additionally email to section to always send this to other team members.

Step 5. Save your settings

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