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What is the roadmap section? How do I edit the features?
What is the roadmap section? How do I edit the features?

The roadmap section enables you to recommend services to your client for the future and helps you confidently handle objections around fees.

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What Is The Roadmap Section?

The Roadmap section is the final section of your clients proposal and contains services they might want to consider in future, but aren't quite right for now.

You can use this to show services your client may need as they grow, or as they adapt to working in a new way.

It's a great way for you to map the potential out for your client and demonstrate the long-term journey you are taking them on.

How Do I Add Services to The Roadmap?

You can add services to your clients roadmap when creating a proposal.

These will then appear in the roadmap section of the proposal with the fees for those services.

If you'd rather not show fees for recommended or roadmap services, you can change this within your pricing settings.

Editing The Name of The Section

You can rename the heading and text that introduces this section in the proposal.

To edit this, head to Configure > Templates & Emails and select 'edit' next to the proposal template you want to change this for.

Within the PDF tab, you can edit the upsell section text to change the description.


You can also choose whether you'd prefer to use a roadmap or to consider icon for these services within the create proposal tool.

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