When you're setting up your line items, you will notice that each one is colour coded with a green, amber or red circle.

This is your line item status and it is there to flag to you whether or not a particular service is ready for creating a proposal.

Here's what they all mean..


There is either no fee associated with this service..

or it is lacking a service description, which would pull into your proposal when this line item is selected.

We'd always recommend charging for every service you deliver, to make sure you're charging exactly what you're worth.

Service descriptions give your clients total transparency over what they will be receiving, and help you communicate the value of your service.

So if a line item is in red, configure your line item to check if both of these are included.


Line items in amber indicate you might be good to go with a service but it's worth checking through.

Amber indicates either a service schedule is missing..

or a field label is missing somewhere.

Not all line items in your system will need service schedules and those that you do need should always be provided by your governing body, so we'd encourage checking with them if you are unsure.


You're good to go with this service if it is green.. it has a price, description, service schedule and all fields are filled out 👍

If you have any questions, contact the support team on support@goproposal.com

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