The Data Processor agreement needs to be included in your Engagement Letter where you are providing payroll services.

If you are subscribed to the OverSuite, you will have access to 40+ service schedules to use in your letters, one of which is this agreement.

However since this agreement often applies to multiple payroll services, you are better off adding it in as a section service schedule.

This just means any time a payroll service is selected, we can pull the Data Processor agreement through to your Letters of Engagement!

Here's how you can do this..

Explainer Video - Add Data Processor Agreement

Step 1. Create a Payroll Section

You will want to create a new section on your line items page specifically for payroll services, and click and drag all of those services over to this new section.

Step 2. Assign Payroll Schedules to each Payroll Service

If you haven't done so already, make sure you have assigned an OverSuite service schedule to each individual payroll service in this section.

So NOT the data processor agreement just yet, but the payroll schedules themselves.

You can do this by clicking edit line, and assigning the correct payroll schedule to each service.

For example, fixed and variable salary employees..

Save your line item and do this for each payroll service.

Step 3. Assign the 'Data Processor Agreement' to the Section

The final step is to assign the Data Processor Agreement to the Payroll Section.

Back on your line items page, you should see the option to switch the 'add section service schedule' feature on for each section.

Enable this for your payroll section, and then assign the Data Processor Agreement from OverSuite by choosing this schedule from the drop down.

Finally, go into each payroll service line item in that section, edit it, and instruct it to use the section service schedule 'in addition' to the individual line schedules.

🤝 That's it, you're good to go!

You can find more information and a step by step guide to the Section Service Schedule feature here.

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