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OverSuite & Engagement Letter FAQs

Frequently asked questions around OverSuite and issuing Engagement Letters.

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Here are some frequently asked questions around OverSuite and issuing Engagement Letters.

What Engagement Letter should I use if I outsource my payroll?

You can use any Engagement Letter provided by OverSuite, for outsourcing payroll e.g. Limited Company (Non-Audit), provided you do the following:

  • Answer 'yes' to the following question in the Data Protection section of the wizard: Do you subcontract, outsource or offshore work, either in this country or overseas?

  • Create a separate line item for Outsourced Payroll and use the service schedule - Payroll - via Payroll Sorted.
    This is an example of a service schedule you can use where you outsource payroll services, but you must change it to reflect details of your outsourcer and the way you work with them.

Please be aware you do have a responsibility to ensure the outsourcer is GDPR complaint, to ensure you include details of countries where data may be transferred if they are international (a question in the wizard), and that they are bound by the same ethical and professional responsibilities.

How do I communicate that I transfer data outside of the UK?

Within the OverSuite wizard, there is a question which asks "Do you transfer data outside of the UK?" and if the answer is yes, you will be asked to list what countries you transfer data to.
The countries to include in the list are dependant on the software you use. You would need to enquire with your software providers on the specific countries.

Things to note:
- If your data is being accessed in a different country, this would be considered as data being transferred outside of the UK.

When should I be issuing a new proposal and/or Engagement letter?

Best practice on this would be that you should look to issue a new proposal and/or engagement letter if you are increasing your fees, in order to notify the client of these changes.

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If you have any questions, please reach out to us in the chat box below.

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